Sunday, October 09, 2005

Google Reader

It's nice to finally be able to tell people what I've been working on for the past few months: Google Reader.

The feedback I've seen about Reader has been pretty interesting. A lot of people really like it, which is always great to hear.

Of course, some people aren't so happy. A lot of these people seem to be a bit confused by how different Reader is from the feed readers they're used to. It would've been a lot easier for us to create a clone of some other feed reader, but we wanted to do something better. Unfortunately, there's a danger with any innovation: doing something that's different, even if it's better, means is that people have to unlearn old habits.

That isn't to say that we think Google Reader is perfect as it is. It's very much a work in progress. (that's why it's on Google Labs, by the way) As Mihai mentions, "the ideal feed reader user interface still hasn't been discovered".

In any case, we plan on making many improvements in the days ahead, and we hope you'll keep sending us suggestions.

I like it a lot, but it's got some problems, most critical of which is the excessive load times, and today I cannot get the subscriptions list to load without an "oops error occurred"…  
  Blogger Naum on October 11, 2005
Sorry about that. We were having some technical difficulties earlier. It should be better now.  
  Blogger Laurence on October 11, 2005
  Blogger Naum on October 13, 2005
Thanks for working on such a great product, I can't wait to see where its headed in the future.  
  Blogger GodsMoon on October 26, 2005